Terms & Conditions for Reward Program

Terms & Conditions for Winning Basket Reward Program


Terms of Use
Jshine Souk Pvt. Ltd., is a company incorporated under Indian law. The objective of Winning Basket Reward Program is to promote the JShine brand. Every individual who participates in the afore mentioned reward program being run by Jshine acknowledges that he/she has gone through all the terms & conditions of the program and has accepted the same.
Winning Basket Reward Program is a lucky draw programme for all the Jshine customers where the company gives rewards to the customers by conducting events every month and draws winners through enrolment numbers.
Terms and Conditions
The Winning Basket Reward Program is categorized as follows;
The Enrolment Number (EN No.) which is a unique number is provided to users/clients for lucky draw.

  1. Enrolment numbers provided to clients is with one alphabetical and three numerical numbers. For Exp: A123, B339, C233.
  2. The total threshold of this program is 2000 Enrolment Numbers which are as follows
    1. A - 000 TO 399
    2. B - 000 TO 399
    3. C - 000 TO 399
    4. D - 000 TO 399
    5. E - 000 TO 399

(If at any point of time any client drops or, completes the reward program, then, the company has complete rights to add or enrol to a new client to sustain the threshold of 2000 Enrolment Numbers.)
How the enrolment number is assigned:
For Retail Customer

  • Any Client that buy/book product equivalent to 22000 rupees will get a coupon of one Enrolment Number active for 11 months. For the distribution of number of ENRs the compound of 22000 will apply only.

For example: If a customer does shopping for 44000 rupees, he/she will get 2 ENRs.

For Diamond Harvest Scheme Customer

  • In the case of participating in Diamond Harvesting Scheme, enrolment number will be issued as follows
  • Clients enrolling in 11 Months DHS voucher purchase Scheme @ Rs.2000/- per month will get Voucher of 01 EN No. valid for 20 Months.
  • Clients enrolling in 11 Months DHS voucher purchase Scheme @ Rs.4000/- per month will get Voucher of 02 EN No. valid for 11 Months.
  • Clients enrolling in 11 Months DHS voucher purchase Scheme @ Rs.6000/- per month will get Voucher of 03 EN No. valid for 11 Months.
  • Clients enrolling in 11 Months DHS voucher purchase Scheme @ Rs.8000/- per month will get Voucher of 04 EN No. valid for 11 Months.
  • Clients enrolling in 11 Months DHS voucher purchase Scheme @ Rs.10000/- per month will get Voucher of 05 EN No. valid for 11 Months.


  1. To participate in this program, the User/client of Diamond Harvest Scheme has to purchase their DHS voucher according to their Scheme Enrolled. If a client/user is unable to purchase the respective DHS voucher before the Reward Program then his/her Enrolment Number will be considered inactive ENR number and, he/she would not be eligible for any sort of prize in the program for that particular month.
  • The Company at its own discretion can provide the disabled Enrolment numbers to any new clients to sustain the strength of 2000 Enrolment numbers.
  • The lucky draw would be drawn out at an event organized for this purpose at a venue (either in India or abroad) will be chosen by the Company. The date and time of the event as well as the location of the venue would be sent via SMS 3 days prior of the lucky draw. All the registered users/Clients are free to attend the Reward Program. However, the company shall not be liable to pay any costs/expenses whatsoever, incurred by the user/client in attending the Reward Program. A Lucky draw will be held every month during the Reward Program and following 03 prizes will be drawn out for the same-
  • First prize is Honda Activa
  • Second prize is LED (39 - 42 Inches)
  • Third Prize is JShine Diamond Jewellery Voucher worth Rs. 22,000. The winner may club the amount of the payment he paid with the amount of voucher he/she won and purchase Jshine Diamond jewellery.

JShine will organize a Gala Event in a year where all the client/User who buy product equivalent to worth rupees 22,000, will get one enrolment number (For Ex: If he/She buy product of worth rupees 44,000 will get two enrolment numbers). After the successful completion of the Jshine Diamond Harvest Scheme all the Users / Clients who were enrolled in the above monthly Diamond Harvest Scheme will get equivalent enrolment No. as in reward program for Gala Event. Such Users/ Clients will be provided one new enrolment number (Which will be in the same format as the Reward Program) for the Gala Event.
The total strength of the Gala Event will be 2000 enrolment numbers, out of which 20 Enrolment numbers will get the Prizes.


To redeem the winning prizes of the Gala Event, the User / Client of Diamond Harvest Scheme has to purchase all the pending DHS vouchers as per their scheme enrolled before the Gala Event.

Prizes included in Gala Event are as follows:

  • KWID Car - 01 in quantity
  • Royal Enfield - 01 in quantity
  • Honda Activa - 03 in quantity
  • 5 gms Gold Coin - 05 in quantity
  • LED TV (39 - 42 Inches) - 05 in quantity
  • JShine Diamond Jewellery Voucher worth Rs.22,000 - 05 in quantity

Salient features of the programme

  1. The above mentioned prizes of Monthly Reward program or Annual Gala Program, will be in form of Direct Delivery, Delivery from Office or Vouchers which the winners may redeem from the dealers that are authorized by the Company. Any other expenses such as registration, taxes, transportation, TDS, etc. will be borne by the Winner.
  2. To claim the winning reward in Winning Basket Reward Program, It is mandatory for the customer to visit personally at the subsequent event along with their passport size photograph, original Aadhar Card and Pan Card and a self attested copy of Aadhar Card and Pan Card so that the company may use the still shoots and video bites for all its present and future branding purposes including, but not limited to, TV, Radio, Electronic media, internet, etc. It is also mandatory for the customer to sign a Winning Declaration Form at the event to claim their winning rewards.
  3. The winners of the contest will be informed via SMS and they would also be personally contacted on the registered numbers provided by them The Company is not responsible for contacting the winners if the telephone number provided by them is incorrect or unavailable.
  4. The respective winners can receive their prizes within a Month (from the date when the lucky draw has been taken out), from the registered office of the JShine Souk Pvt. Ltd. located at Mohali (709-A, 7thfloor, Bestech Business Towers, Sector 66, Mohali, Punjab, India). The user is directed to keep his address updated at the company website.
  5. Jshine Souk Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to postpone/prepone or discontinue the monthly reward program or Gala event at any point of time without prior notice. In case the Gala event is pre-pond, then, the prizes can be redeemed only when the user/client purchases their pending DHS vouchers.
  • Any User/Client of Diamond Harvest Scheme who wants to exit from the Scheme will not be eligible to redeem the prize from the any Reward program. The exit is automatic from both the reward programs.
  1. Jshine Souk Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to discontinue the reward program at any stage/time at its sole discretion. The Jshine Souk Pvt. Ltd., also reserves the right to change/vary/modify the terms and conditions of this contest at any stage/time without giving any prior notice to the user / client.

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